Vaginal tightness
is real. Milli can help.

Milli is the first and only all in one vaginal dilator that gradually expands the vagina at a pace you control, helping you reclaim your sexual health and relieve the symptoms of vaginismus and painful sex. Milli is also the first FDA cleared vaginal dilator available over the counter.

One millimeter at a time.

Unlike static dilators that may have intimidating jumps in sizing, Milli gradually expands within the vagina millimeter by millimeter–ensuring you’re always in control of your pace and progress.


Estrogen & the Female Body

Many women note that their body changes after menopause. Common complaints include changes in vaginal tissue (e.g., dryness, pain, fragility), skin (e.g., thinning, easy bruising), mood (e.g., mood swings, depression),...

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