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Darshana Naik

Three Words to Describe Darshana: Holistic, truth-teller, pelvic health nerd

Expertise: Pelvic Health Physical Therapy, Clinical research, Public speaking

Grace Klaris

Three Words to Describe Grace: Hungry, quick, thoughtful

Expertise: qualitative research, global health, and where to get the best bite

Heather Wheat

Three Words to Describe Heather: Wordsmith, teacher, learner

Expertise: Writing, teaching, editing, research

Leigh Kinney

Three Words to Describe Leigh: Curious, creative, compassionate

Expertise: Molecular biology, medical education, women’s health, oncology

Carey Favaloro

Three Words to Describe Carey: empathetic, active, curious

Expertise: Medical education, Women’s Health, Environmental Science, Wilderness Medicine, Editing


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