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Dyspareunia: Symptoms and Causes

  Dyspareunia is a term used to describe any type of pain with sexual intercourse, affecting individuals of all ages and genders. It is usually a symptom of an underlying condition, and its diagnosis involves identifying the cause based on the location and timing of the pain. Discussing sexual health with a healthcare provider is...

Estrogen & the Female Body

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Many women note that their body changes after menopause. Common complaints include changes in vaginal tissue (e.g., dryness, pain, fragility), skin (e.g., thinning, easy bruising), mood (e.g., mood swings,...

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Darshana Naik

Three Words to Describe Darshana: Holistic, truth-teller, pelvic health nerd

Expertise: Pelvic Health Physical Therapy, Clinical research, Public speaking

Grace Klaris

Three Words to Describe Grace: Hungry, quick, thoughtful

Expertise: qualitative research, global health, and where to get the best bite

Heather Wheat

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Expertise: Writing, teaching, editing, research

Leigh Kinney

Three Words to Describe Leigh: Curious, creative, compassionate

Expertise: Molecular biology, medical education, women’s health, oncology


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