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Pelvic Floor Exercises to Help with Vaginismus

Key Takeaways Pelvic floor exercises offer an effective treatment for vaginismus, which causes discomfort and pain during vaginal penetration. These exercises target the muscles supporting organs like the bladder, bowel, and uterus, and help enhance blood flow to the vaginal region. Regular practice, encompassing contractions, quick sprints, and relaxation, can help individuals regain control over...

Estrogen & the Female Body

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Many women note that their body changes after menopause. Common complaints include changes in vaginal tissue (e.g., dryness, pain, fragility), skin (e.g., thinning, easy bruising), mood (e.g., mood swings,...

Perimenopause and Me

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If you’re like me and in one of the mid to later years of Gen X (1965-1979), you’ve probably had more than one instance where you were freezing cold,...

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Darshana Naik

Three Words to Describe Darshana: Holistic, truth-teller, pelvic health nerd

Expertise: Pelvic Health Physical Therapy, Clinical research, Public speaking

Grace Klaris

Three Words to Describe Grace: Hungry, quick, thoughtful

Expertise: qualitative research, global health, and where to get the best bite

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Three Words to Describe Heather: Wordsmith, teacher, learner

Expertise: Writing, teaching, editing, research

Leigh Kinney

Three Words to Describe Leigh: Curious, creative, compassionate

Expertise: Molecular biology, medical education, women’s health, oncology

Carey Favaloro

Three Words to Describe Carey: empathetic, active, curious

Expertise: Medical education, Women’s Health, Environmental Science, Wilderness Medicine, Editing

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