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Does Vaginismus Last Forever?

Key Takeaways Painful sex is a common issue, with vaginismus being a condition characterized by involuntary muscle tightening of the vagina which leads to discomfort and pain during penetration. The pain associated with vaginismus can vary in intensity and may be described as burning, sharp, or mild discomfort. Physical causes of pain during sex include...

Perimenopause and Me

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If you’re like me and in one of the mid to later years of Gen X (1965-1979), you’ve probably had more than one instance where you were freezing cold,...

Vaginismus Overview

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Do you dread going to the gynecologist because of traumatic pap smears? Does painful sex prevent you from achieving healthy intimacy with your partner? Do you find it impossible...

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Darshana Naik

Three Words to Describe Darshana: Holistic, truth-teller, pelvic health nerd

Expertise: Pelvic Health Physical Therapy, Clinical research, Public speaking

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Expertise: qualitative research, global health, and where to get the best bite

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Three Words to Describe Leigh: Curious, creative, compassionate

Expertise: Molecular biology, medical education, women’s health, oncology


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