Why recommend Milli to your patients?

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Many women experience vaginismus

Studies suggest 5-17% of women experience vaginismus, or vaginal tightness—a condition that causes the vaginal muscles to contract involuntarily—making penetration of any kind painful or impossible.1

1 Spector I, Carey M: Incidence and prevalence of the sexual dysfunctions: a critical review of the empirical literature. Arch. Sex. Behav. 19, 389–396 (1990).

Not all dilators are created equal

Traditional dilators vs Milli vaginal dilator

Traditional dilation requires using multiple fixed-size dilators. To adjust sizing, you must remove one dilator and insert a larger sized one, which can cause discomfort due to intimidating jumps in sizing.

Milli is different from
traditional fixed-size dilators

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  • REVOLUTIONARY ALL-IN-ONE expanding vaginal dilator. It gradually expands inside the vagina at a pace patients control—helping them claim their sexual health.
  • CONTROL OF DILATION – Unlike sets of fixed-size dilators, with Milli, your patients can gradually expand and easily monitor the pace of dilation one millimeter at a time.
  • AVOID DISCOMFORT FROM REINSERTION – Milli’s unique design gradually expands within the vagina without the discomfort or inconvenience of removal and reinsertion.
  • DESIGNED FOR COMFORT – Milli has a smooth silicone cover and small starting size of only 15mm (just over half an inch). And it has optional built-in vibration.
  • FITS INTO LIFE – With a discreet charging case and a single, all-in-one device, Milli helps keep vaginal dilation therapy as private as your patients want it to be.
Traditional dilators 
Fully adjustable sizing x
Doesn’t require reinsertion to adjust size x
All-in-one device x
Discreet x

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Hear what others have to say about Milli

Milli is a game changer for my journey. Unlike other dilators, I can start with a small size and slowly increase the vagina stretch as I can tolerate.


“Choosing Milli was a game-changer for me! Unlike other dilators, Milli’s unique
expandable design made it incredibly convenient to use. It’s an investment that has been worth every penny and more!”


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See how Milli works

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