Vaginal Dilators: What’s the Scoop?

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Help relieve the symptoms of vaginismus: pain with sex, insertion of tampons, pelvic exams, or any other kind of wanted penetration. Pain with sex or any vaginal penetration can be difficult, but there are options. Vaginal dilators can be a great option when it comes to your journey to wellness.  Practices in relaxation and expansion of the vaginal and pelvic muscles may help ease the symptoms. The vaginal dilator is meant to help with this process, as it is designed ...

Estrogen & the Female Body

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Many women note that their body changes after menopause. Common complaints include changes in vaginal tissue (e.g., dryness, pain, fragility), skin (e.g., thinning, easy bruising), mood (e.g., mood swings, depression), metabolism (e.g., weight gain), thinking (e.g., “brain fog”), sleep (e.g., insomnia), and temperature regulation (e.g., hot flashes). These changes occur all over the body, in many different systems. Their common denominator? They are all regulated by estrogen, the primary female sex hormone. What is a hormone? The human body ...

Perimenopause and Me

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If you’re like me and in one of the mid to later years of Gen X (1965-1979), you’ve probably had more than one instance where you were freezing cold, and then as soon as you put a sweatshirt or jacket on, you’re immediately far too hot. Of course, whenever this happens to me, I always think, “Is this it? Is it time? Am I in perimenopause?” But, because I’m Gen X and was “raised in a generation where menopause ...

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