Vaginal dilators can be a great option when it comes to your journey to wellness. By gradually stretching your pelvic floor muscles, dilators help relieve the symptoms of vaginismus pain with sex, insertion of tampons, pelvic exams, or any other kind of wanted penetration. Pain with sex or any vaginal penetration can be difficult, but there are options. Practices in relaxation and expansion of the vaginal and pelvic muscles may help ease the symptoms.

Vaginal dilators can be beneficial in retraining your pelvic muscles. A vaginal dilator can:

  • Reduce fear and anxiety of penetration by gradual exposure
  • Stretching of vaginal tissue
  • Promote pelvic floor relaxation

Everything you need to know about vaginal dilators

Let’s do a rundown of the available trainers on the market vs. the Milli Vaginal Dilator.

Before Milli, there was really only one type of vaginal dilator: the static dilator/trainer.

Static Vaginal Dilators & Trainers

The static dilator/trainer can come in all shapes and sizes– some are straight, some are curved, some are rigid, and others are flexible. They can be made from a variety of materials, like hard plastic, silicone, medical-grade latex, and glass. They typically come in sets of progressively larger sizes so a patient can advance to the next size as their insertion comfort improves and confidence levels increase. This usually means having to store multiple phallic-shaped devices in a bedside drawer. Milli is one device that stores inside a discreet case that looks similar to a toothbrush case.

Milli, The Dynamic Vaginal Dilator

Meet Milli, the only dynamic dilator on the market. Milli gradually expands millimeter-by-millimeter. It is user-controlled, meaning you are in charge of the expansion. Milli was designed for the contemporary woman– empowering her in her wellness.


Milli: First all-in-one Vaginal Dilator

Milli was born out of a collaboration between Stanford Biodesign engineers and the world’s top OBGYN’s and pelvic pain physical therapists. Milli was designed to empower women in their journey to reconnect with their pelvic health.

Milli has an all-in-one design, meant to be inserted small and gradually expand at your comfort. You are entirely in control of the speed and level of dilation: a push of a (+) or (-) button will change the sizing, millimeter by millimeter. This means no more multiple millimeter jumps in size when switching between static dilator sizes.  Milli is a unique dilator that places you in complete control, providing expansion at your pace, at your size, at your fingertips.


What we love about Milli:

  • A single insertion dilator
  • Expands millimeter-by-millimeter inside the vagina
  • Milli offers a soft silicone exterior, a material not manufactured with BPA.
  • The silicone is easy to clean and is compatible with water-based lubricants. We encourage the use of personal lubricant to make insertion and dilation more comfortable.
  • Optional vibration settings (both high and low)
  • Entry size of 15mm
  • The largest size is 40mm. Per the British Journal of Urology International, the average erect penis diameter is 37mm.

How Much Does a Vaginal Dilator Cost?

Your dilator is an investment in your wellness. Ask yourself what’s important to you when you are having chronically painful sex.  How do you value your sexual health? Many of our customers were having pain for several years until they found Milli. In order to have access to the range of sizes Milli provides in static dilators, you would need to spend at least $200 on several dilators. All of these static dilators come with gaps between the sizes. Milli can be purchased for $395 without a prescription.

What Vaginal Dilator is Right for you?:

Choosing a dilator is a personal decision. Your body is unique and your dilator and care plan should reflect that. Although dilators don’t require a prescription from a provider, it can be helpful to discuss dilator options with your physician, physical therapist, or other trusted member of your care team so you can choose what is right for you.